Saturday, October 23, 2010

9 percent body fat on NO CARDIO in 4 important steps

Okay, people always ask HOW THE HECK are you able to maintain 9 percent body fat with a destroyed left knee and NO CARDIO!!!!!

Is it possible YES....



ONE: People commonly believe that diet is number one step to a lean body.. NOT TRUE, getting 8 hours of deep uninterrupted sleep AND.... a low stress lifestyle is the first step in getting shredded and healthy.. You always want your body in the build up phase and not breakdown phase of progressing. people often stress out and don't get enough sleep which causes your body to release catabolizing hormones which make you age prematurely..

TWO: my diet, I am freaking spot on like a made scientist mixing moving the right tasty combos with the precise mixtures of food groups at the exact times of day to maintain a high muscle mass and LOW body fat!!

WAKE UP:  eat first thing 2 egg white and a bowl of whole oats
SNAKE 1   post workout shake
LUNCH     fresh chicken salad made with colorful veggies and 1 slice of rice bread
SNACK 2  half a grapefruit w/ 6 almonds
DINNER   chicken or fish with cooked veggies NO STARCHY CARBS!!
SNACK 3  2 egg whites or 3 table spoons of nonfat cottage cheese

I am tired of hearing people so addicted to plastic foods, healthy foods can taste amazing if you get off you butt and do a little research of what kind of tasty, yummy recipes and low sugar, low fat and low glycemic foods dishes are out there!!!

will be some great tasty food ideas you can make in 5 min


ok I have had 10 surgeries on my left knee so no running, jumping, hiking, biking and even walking too long YIKES!!!!

Just like my food habits I have become the mad scientist with my workouts. I used to be a professional skateboarder SO my body is F'd and has been through world war 3.

Every action I take must be meticulously executed....

Low weight because I have developed osteoarthritis  in both knees, wrists and elbows and one shoulder SO training smarter not harder is my model..

you have to think like a ballerina, football player and endurance athlete  to achieve proper form. If you learn how to contract your muscles with the right intensity as well as flexibility and WATCH your body develop muscles like a black stallion